Trailer Hire

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Incl: Print & Trailer
Excl: Advertising License For Trailer In Metro Area (Terms and Conditions Apply)


Advertising on Mobile Billboards

Because today’s consumers are so mobile, outdoor advertising has evolved into a highly successful marketing channel. With full colour, eye level, and eye captivating slogans, mobile media has proven to be a strong branding exercise, pushing your message into the heads of your target audience.

We have 2 big scale reusable PVC Flex banners on a trailer that are driven along well planned and selected routes, parking at strategic spots throughout the day – Ideal for Store Openings, Product Launches, and Outdoor Activations.

4 reasons to use TRAILER ADVERTISING

Trailer advertising has grown in popularity as one of the most successful advertising tactics. Why Choose Tornado Signs and Why Trailer Advertising Is Effective,

1)  Because it is at eye level, trailer advertising is simpler to notice than most other types of advertising.

2) When calculating the cost per square metre, trailer advertising is less expensive than other kinds of outdoor advertising.

3) Because it is mobile, you may reach out to new clients every week.

4)  We may install the trailer in the most appropriate area for your business, allowing for better targeting of clients nearby.