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Neon Led Sign

At Tornado Signs in Durban we specialize in concept, design, manufacture and installation Through every phase of your Neon Sign project. We have also developed a custom Neon sign builder for you to create and order your own neon sign online! If you feel that you would rather let us assist you with your neon sign requirements then a  consultant is on hand to help you achieve your vision and brand identity, whilst taking into account the quality, price.

Why us Tornado Signs for your neon sign?

At Tornado Signs we have over 15 years experience in the signage industry in Durban so we can assure all our clients that they are getting the very best quality signage. We also manufacturer everything in house at our sign factory in Durban, so we have control of the entire process from design to installation. Giving you our customer peace of mind! 

What can our neon signs be used for?

Neon Applications

  • Home Décor
  • Toilet signs
  • Direction signs
  • Bar signs
  • Logo signs
  • Mood lighting
  • Wall feature
  • Branding signs
  • Product signs
  • Casinos
  • Open & closed signs
Neon Led Sign

About our neon signs

At Tornado Signs we take pride in making the very best quality products at affordable prices. All our custom neon signs are rated for indoor and outdoor use, making them ideal for personal or business use. Not only are our neon signs safe for indoor use and outdoor used they are also energy efficient. Our custom neon signs are all made unsinging high quality neon flex LED lighting. This Neon Flex LED lighting works off a 12 volt system making the cost of powering your neon sign efficient and effective. Depending on your use of your Neon sign they are very easy to move around and transport, and because of the low voltage power supply system you can just plug them into any house hold power switch.